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Will LetterWorks be available for the iPhone?
All LetterWorks' features will not fit on the iPhone screen.
We are developing an abbreviated version for the iPhone.
Is LetterWorks available for the iPad 1?
ABC Airplane is the original version of LetterWorks.
ABC Airplane is available for the iPad 1.
What if I do not hear any sound? Make sure that the sound switch on the side of your iPad is set to on.
Are there instructions?

Instructions are found upon starting the game or by pressing the gear button. Video instructions are shown on the home page of this website.

For whom is LetterWorks suitable?

LetterWorks is designed for children age 2 and up. Older children and adults enjoy guessing the drawing under the Question Mark letters and reading more information about the objects drawn.

Because the cursors guide the correct path and wait if the touch stops, LetterWorks is good for anyone with developing coordination.

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